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Well it really has been

April 6, 2002

Well it really has been a while! There’s no way to bring everyone completely up to date, but…

I had the Monday and Tuesday off after Easter. I spent them here at home with the kids. I stayed up late and slept in a lot. Work on Wednesday and Thursday was fast-paced, but not that bad. Friday I went to an all-day Photoshop seminar. It was really great. While I was there I got a free book on PHP. That led me on a strange journey involving Apache, MySQL and PHP. More on that later!

In other news, I’ve got a new plan for a house downpayment. I’m going to borrow half of it from a retirement account and I’m going to severely tighten my belt here and save the other half. I should have a 3% downpayment in two or three months. Here’s hoping!

More later.