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Doing a whois on

May 30, 2002

Doing a whois on actually yields the expected result now – it’s registered to me. I wonder if I can get the guys at work to update our DNS to match up my IP and my domain name. I’ll work up the nerve to ask soon. Hell I’m not asking someone to host my freakin’ web site – just …”host my domain name”? Is that the correct way to put this?

The sixth grade video project is nearing the end. Deadlines are looming and there’s really not much more to do. The very beginning titles have to be done…exporting the iMovie files to a master VHS tape…squeezing them into Quicktime files for the CDs…oh yeah, and burning the CDs and making VHS copies. Angela has done almost all the work. I wonder if she regrets taking this on. The project is turning out very nicely though and I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow after work and going camping at Point Beach State Forest in beautifulTwo Rivers, Wisconsin. Looks like nice weather except for some light rain on Sunday. Packing up my stuff tonight for the most part. Maybe it’ll do me some good to get the heck out of here for a while.


Well it’s been over 13

May 28, 2002

Well it’s been over 13 hours and if you do a whois on you still come up with a big zero. WTF? To make matters even more confusing, I am totally puzzled as to how I get my domain name matched up with my IP address… doesn’t seem to be asking for my web server IP anywhere. The whole thing is starting to frustrate me because there’s no step-by-step explanation of how my situation is supposed to work. But I’ll get it figured out in the end. I just sent an email to intuitiveisp asking wtf I am supposed to do now. We’ll see.

In other news instead of soccer practice tonight we have a make-up game. In still other news, I can’t make it because I have a meeting regarding our migration from one email system to another here at work. Yay.

I had one of those disgusting fruit smoothies for lunch today. They come in a plastic bottle, perhaps you’ve seen them. This one said it was full of vitamins A, C and E and had two apricots, half a peach and the juice of two oranges in it. 150 calories or so and nothing but fruit. They don’t taste that good but they’ve got to be good for you.


I just registered I

May 28, 2002

I just registered I don’t know what posesses me soemtimes.

Anyhow perhaps I’ll point it to my web server tomorrow. I registered for $15 through because a friend recommended it.

Goodnight all.


Angela mowed the lawn this

May 27, 2002

Angela mowed the lawn this afternoon. I made kebabs out of marinated sirloin, mushrooms, red onion, red and yellow bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. I grilled them and we served them on couscous. I also made a salad from baby spinach, red onion, black olives, mushrooms and avacado…with just a touch of olive oil vinaigrette. I became enamored with the idea that I was eating something as helathy as spinach so I had quite a bit of that salad.

After dinner I told the kids that if they finished the dishes and other chores I would spring for treats. They got everything done pretty fast so we all walked over to Macks custard stand. Now Angela is making music videos out of still photos for Paige’s sixth grade farewell dinner, the kids are fussing over thier Magic cards and I am sitting here updating this page. In 90 minutes the kids will be in bed. School and work tomorrow. The weekend is pretty much over.


We’re back from the party.

May 26, 2002

We’re back from the party. I took the camera, naturally. I’m on a roll, what can I say? Check out Daniel here and again here.

Maybe I’ll take some more pictures when John gets here.


Angela returned last night and

May 26, 2002

Angela returned last night and we got out the fruit, the cake and the whipped cream. After the three of us had some we watched Airplane on TV and waited for Paige to return from babysitting. She came in at about 12:30 AM with $40 in her pocket.

I roused everyone from bed this morning at about 9:30 (we were tired!). We all ate some breakfast and got ourselves together. Then we drove over to Minooka park to take a long walk in the woods together. I brought the digital camera just for grins so we took a few pictures. Check this one that Daniel took of me and Paige. How about this one of some old tree roots or this one of some white flowers? We had fun.

In a little bit we’re all going to drop by a memorial day party hosted by an old friend. Later still, some other friends are dropping by our house. I think we’re going to watch Mallrats or something. Thank goodness there’s no work tomorrow 🙂


Note: This is the third

May 25, 2002

Note: This is the third time entering this post. The first two times I was using the gorgeous (but flawed) OmniWeb 4.1b 7. Now I’m using the old standby, Internet Explorer.

Today Angela and I figured out some of the twists and turns being taken by our broker in order to secure our mortgage. This helps me put my mind at greater ease about the whole mess. In fact, the only real bad news to report on the house-buying front is that I think my offer has to be re-done yet again. Frankly I don’t care but I cringe when I think what a pain in the ass this must be for the seller (who, after all, are good friends of ours).

Angela is out doing dinner and a movie with a friend tonight. Paige is baby-sitting until after midnight. So daniel and I are relaxing here at home tonight. He is playing Diablo II (rather loudly) and I… well, I am updating this page.

Earlier today we all helped out cleaning up this joint some. So it feels good to sit in it now. Then I made a fruit salad which I have barely managed to resist for the last few hours. It’s got fresh cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and nectarines. In addition to enjoying it just as it is, we have some sponge-cake and whipped cream with which to experiment.

I taught my two-hour, standing-room-only Photoshop session yesterday at work. I think it went over OK, but I didn’t have a chance to peek at the feedback forms. I’ll get a summary of them next week, though, so I can adjust the June and July sessions as needed.