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Sparring, Cramping and Adult Dog Weights

July 31, 2002

Daniel and I picked up some sparring gear. He got all new gear and I lucked out and picked up most of mine used from a friend. Saved some cash. And now we are able to engage in contact sparing at our Tae Kwon Do lessons. The boy thinks he’s going to take me down. I told him he’d be at least 16 before that happened 🙂

We test for our purple belts next friday, too. Things are going well with karate. (Note: I use the terms “karate” and “tae kwon do” interchangeably.) Daniel often gets asked to define terms for the newbies and also mark attendance cards. I myself often get asked to lead class through kicks and sometimes I get to teach the white belts. Sometimes I am the senior student in the class (it’s for beginners).

Anyhow, we’re enjoying it even more now that we really know something! I am having a bit of a problem, though. I sometimes get a cramp during class and have to break off for a moment or two. I hate that. Usually it’s in my foot but sometimes in my hip as well. I’m not sure how to combat this problem but it is painful and annoying.

In other news, I did some reading on the web and it seems that usually adult dogs are double the weight they were at 4 months. Logan was 40 pounds at 4 months. Furthermore, ‘giant breeds’ double the weight they reached at 5 months. Newfoundland is a giant breed but Collie isn’t. So we’ll see. At present my best estimate is that he’ll be 80 or more pounds. How much more, I don’t know. Go, Logan, Go!


Work & The Dells

July 30, 2002

Everyone’s getting their money’s worth out of me at work lately. I’ve got several projects going on at once but I think if I get them all completed this week I’ll feel less frantic.

Speaking of the end of the week, Angela and the kids are going up to her fathers’ place in the Wisconsin Dells for the weekend. I was planning to go also but that was before we got Logan. We can’t bring him and I can’t see leaving him…so I’m staying home. I’ll miss the water park and whatnot but on the other hand having a weekend to myself doesn’t seem awful either.

Either way I have taken Friday off and I’m looking forward to it.


Dream of a Dog-tight Backyard

July 28, 2002

My arms hurt because I’ve been digging post holes. In fact we have all but one of the chain-link fence posts concreted in already. For the last one we had to drill a hole in my cement patio so it took a bit longer. But the hole is drilled, dug and just waiting to be poured now. I’ll probably get out there and do it before noon.

So far the project has gone about as I expected; We’ll have a fence that won’t fall down when we’re done, although it might not be picture-perfect. I say that because I know for a fact that the posts are not perfectly lined up with one another – they’re 9 feet apart but not in a perfect straight line. Close enough, I’m sure, but if one were stand at one end of the fence and look down it I imagine it would be pretty clear that it’s not running exactly straight.

I’m really itching to finish this thing. I want to pour that last hole and then head to home depot to buy the fence fabric and all the hardware. If only I had tomorrow off I could finish the damned thing. But even after we finish it there’s still a couple of other issues to deal with.

As you may recall the whole purpose of this fence is to keep the dog safe. But there are two other small in-out points in the yard which must be dealt with. One we’re just going to board up, but the other we’re going to have to install a wooden gate. That’ll be a project in itself: digging posts, concreting them in, hanging the gate… Only when all of that is done we will finally realize our dream of a dog-tight backyard.

Anyway, later this afternoon we’re going out for dinner in honor of my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. He’s a good guy and I’m sure we’ll all have fun.


Teaching, Jaguar and the Pond

July 24, 2002

My digital movie making class is almost over. Tomorrow the kids all submit their final movies to me for grading. They’ll all get shown to parents and students in a big “film festival” later this week. Some of them look pretty good. I can’t wait to get my lunchtime back. It’s been a long haul in some respects but well worth it in the end.

I taught the third session of “Introduction To Mac OS X” this afternoon to faculty staff and administrators. I think it went well. Speaking of OS X, I’m downloading a new build of Jaguar at this very moment. It looks very promising.

In other news, we took Logan to Minooka park yesterday. After a walk in the woods we introduced him to the pond. Logan took to it pretty quickly but at one point he had some reservations and needed a little reassuring. A good time was had by all and I think we might try to make a weekly visit to the pond until it gets cold. One thing for sure is that we are all delighted with Logan. He is the sweetest and most low-key pup I’ve ever seen.


Logan Arrives!

July 22, 2002

This afternoon Angela arrived back home with our newest family member, Logan. For those just tuning in, Logan is a 4-month-old Newfoundland / Collie mix. It has been a long day for us all, especially Logan himself, but I promised I would put up a few snapshots of him once he arrived.

So here you go. When we catch our breath we’ll put up a few more. For now we’re just glad he’s here 🙂


Audio, Pool and Road-Tripping

July 21, 2002

In addition to the digital still camera I also brought a digital video camera to the band job last night. The stills can be seen in the album on the right of this page. What about the video? Mostly it didn’t turn out very good. There are perhaps a few seconds worth here and there that aren’t too jarring and I may compress and post some of that. Some of the audio was salvageable though. Have a listen:

California Man by Cheap Trick
Heartbreak Now by The Subdudes
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
I Saw Her Standing There of course by The Beatles
Jenny Jenny by Tommy Tutone

And if that isn’t enough fun for you check out how I spent the afternoon today!

In other news, Angela and her mother and Ivy all road-tripped it out to Iowa this evening. The plan is for them to crash in a cheap motel in Iowa City and then pick up Logan at 9 AM. Then they’ll begin the five-hour drive back with him. The kids and I can’t wait for them to get back!


Gig Photos

July 21, 2002

The gig at Ojibwa went well. Pictures were taken and video was shot. The best photos are HERE. Video is a little shaky but perhaps the is something salvageable. If so I’ll post a snippet soon.

Thank you to everyone who came down to enjoy it with us. We had a great time!