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October 31, 2002

It’s Halloween, the year is getting on and it’s cold. Daniel and I decided last week that we would continue walking to tae kwon do until Halloween and then we’d drive until Easter. So last night we walked there for presumably the last time this year.

I’m not wearing a costume to work today, although I’d kind of like to. I would do it in a heartbeat if I’d been given even the slightest sign that it was an “officially sanctioned” activity, but there has been no such sign. I wish I had bought a set of those little ceramic horns that you tie on top of your head at the Renaissance Faire. Those would be a fun but subtle costume perfect for just such an ambiguous occasion. Anyway, we’ll see who dresses up…if anyone.

That reminds me – I have to put my name on all those “get a free tae kwon do lesson!” handouts I got from Master Park. I figure I’ll put on my dobok and give out one to each kid who comes to my door along with a handful of treats. If any of the little devils actually sign up for lessons I get a discount on testing fees.

Besides that, I think turning some kids on to TKD is probably at least as good a “treat” as a Snickers bar.


Better Now

October 28, 2002

The worst of my cold is gone now, and I’m just waiting for my head to clear completely. I think I’m past the point where I’ll be taking any cold medicine of any kind. The unusual thing about this is that I know a cold only last two or three days but I’m so used to being sick for a week or two. I know it’s because I used to smoke.

Back then if I got a cold I’d have a cold for three days, be sinus-congested and coughing for a week…two… even more in some cases. Then I’d be likely as not to develop an infection from it which necessitated a prescription. But not anymore it seems. I got a cold; it hit me on Friday. Today is Monday and I can already say that it’s “over.” I plan to go to TKD tonight. I fully expect that I’ll wake up tomorrow and spend an hour not remembering that I had been sick.

It’s because I’m taking better care of myself. Eating a little better, excercising more…and above all, not smoking. Perhaps even the flu will be better. If I catch it. Let’s hope I don’t.

…as I take a swig of my Odwalla “C Monster” 1000% RDI Vitamin C Juice Drink


More on Colds

October 26, 2002

I don’t feel any sicker today and that’s a plus. I haven’t taken anything this morning except some Advil and coffee for my headache. If my head congestion gets to be really bothersome later I’ll take more Sudafed but for now I’m fine.

While we’re on the subject of colds and flu, I’d like to share my thoughts on surviving one while minimizing both misery and also days off of work. I have a whole arsenal of drugs and parephrenallia that help me do just that. With them, I can show up for work every day – if I need to – even with a fairly good case of flu.
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Got A Cold

October 25, 2002

That week-long feeling I kept describing to everyone as “feeling under the weather” and “fighting off a little something” has finally caught up with me – I’m sick.

Just a cold I’m sure. But that doesn’t make it more fun. I took some generic Sudafed and I’m waiting for my head to clear before going to bed.


Detailed Health Report

October 23, 2002

On the scale this morning I was 180 pounds although I’ve been teetering back and forth in the 180-185 range for many weeks. I’ve been eating about the same as I have been since February and exercising a pretty good amount. Here, preserved for posterity in my blog, is a snapshot of my vital stats at this moment.
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MS Licensing Fears

October 23, 2002

Check out this nifty article at My favorite quote is“Microsoft has told him that it plans eventually to eliminate users’ ability to disable Microsoft’s access to their systems.”

“Him” being Ken Warby — the chief information officer at Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union.

Who will be surprized when one day we all wake up with MS logos on our foreheads?


Oldies but Goodies

October 22, 2002

Having to shoot film got me to plug in the scanner. That got me thinking about the hundreds of old photos we have sitting around in boxes. “What if I made a new album?” I asked myself. “An album of oldies but goodies right out of the old shoe boxes and whatnot!”

So here it is.