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Hana, Tul, Set, Net…

August 30, 2003

Life has been pretty chaotic and stressful lately. I haven’t had the energy or time to fully attend to important day-to-day activities such as grocery shopping, cooking, dog walking, house cleaning and tae kwon do workouts.

But I think the worst of it is over. Things are settling down. This week should be better than last week and next week should be better still. With that prospect in mind, I’m definitely feeling a desire to return to some of those basic tasks of life. Last night at tae kwon do I was embarassed that I could not remember things I had been practicing for weeks.

Back to basics, then. If I walk Logan at least twice this weekend, get some grocery shopping done and maybe mow the lawn…that’ll definetly go a long way toward re-establishing some normality to life. Bonus if I can sneak in at least one workout on the heavy bag.

Speaking of basics, what could be more basic than counting to ten? Every child learns to do this in his or her native language at a very early age. In our tae kwon do lessons, however, we all learn to do it in Korean:

Hana, tul, set, net, da-suht, yuh-suht, il-gop, yuh-dul, a-hop, yul.


Sedation Advertising & Al Franken

August 28, 2003

6:00 a.m. The clock-radio wakes me up.


“–our dentists are at the forefront of ‘Sedation Dentistry.’ It works just like it sounds! You take a pill and then you snooze right through your–”


“Hey hon,” I say sleepily. “Guess what?”


“I’m at the forefront of ‘Sedation Advertising.”


“Yeah. It works just like it sounds. I push this snooze button and then I sleep right through their commercial.”

As you can see my amazing sense of humor is always fully operational, even moments after waking up! Okay, so it wasn’t that funny. But maybe you’ll enjoy Al Franken. Apparently God told him to write this book. I love this guy. Somehow when I’m grim-faced, uptight and worried over current events he has a way of sticking his big grin right into the picture that cuts right through the bullshit and makes me laugh right out loud at the truth. What a guy. Al for preseident!

No, not that Al.


Moved In!

August 25, 2003

I moved into my new office. Check me out! I’m really, really happy. That warm glow you see on my face is actually daylight from the nearby window overlooking Wisconsin Avenue. This rocks. I put up some posters and my diplomas and it looks quite passable now even if I do say so myself. movedin.jpg

Angela sent me flowers, too. How sweet is that? She gets a gold star 🙂


Kevin, Marquette & 90 Years Old

August 23, 2003

I’ve been telling My nephew Kevin for years that he has to go to Marquette after he graduates, but he has entertained the thought of attending other so-called “schools.” He is about to begin his senior year of high school and thus his researching of colleges and universities has kicked up a notch. I was delighted when he called me up and said he’d like to visit Marquette.

Naturally, I volunteered to give him a tour. He and his delightful friend Jackie met me for lunch and a good look around. I even took them through my new home the brand new Raynor Library. I do believe they liked what they saw. Who wouldn’t? There’s a couple of pictures up temporarilyl in the shot recently album

I will be very pleased if Kevin decides Marquette is right for him, but whatever he does I know he will be very successful. (Marquette, Marquette, Marquette!)


In other news, Angela’s grandmother turned 90 years old recently! She and the kids went to a very nice brunch at Thunder Bay Grille. I regret that I wasn’t able to make it (work). But she did take some nice pictures of her family, so have a look! Note: these photos are up for a limited time so catch them while you can. If you would like prints of any of them just look for the “print this photo on Shutterfly” link near the top of each one. I’ve ordered prints from Shutterfly before with good results.


Work Stress, But Not All Is Wrong With The World

August 22, 2003

There’s a fossil that’s trapped in a high cliff wall
That’s my soul up there
There’s a dead salmon frozen in a waterfall
That’s my soul up there
There’s a blue whale beached by a springtide’s ebb
That’s my soul up there
There’s a butterfly trapped in a spider’s web
That’s my soul up there
Sting, King Of Pain

There’s a blog that hasn’t be updated in a week.
That’s my soul up there.

It’s really all about work. It’s been getting me down. This is the time of year for it. Classes start on Monday and the entire two weeks prior and two weeks after the first day of class are excruciating. I’ll feel better when it all blows over. And it will. I’ve seen it come and go for five years. It passes.

Meanwhile not all is wrong with the world. Consider the following items:

1. The kooky lawsuit brought against Al Franken by FOX News Network got shut down big-time. The judge even had a few harsh words for FOX: “This is an easy case. This case is wholly without merit, both factually and legally.”

2. A judicial ethics panel suspeded the nutcase judge in Alabama who wouldn’t remove the ten commandments from public display in the courthouse. The guy had snuck in the five-thousand-pound monument under cover of darkness and refused to remove it when ordered. Anyway, he’s outta here.

3. I found another spot-on and eloquent account of What’s Wrong With Our President. I’ve only seen one other that I liked as well and I mentioned it here in these pages

So I’m at least heartened by the fact that sometimes my team wins. Sometimes I appear not to be the only person with these crazy ideas about the world. Somtimes things go my way.

Case in point: I moved into my brand new office this afternoon. That is to say, I cleaned out my old office into three large boxes and carried them over to my new one. Not much else has been accomplished yet. But I have a phone and a place to plug in my computer. And a window. So even work isn’t all bad. Even this time of year.


Housewarming and the Renaissance Faire

August 17, 2003

After Saturday morning tae kwon do the family and I went to Lorry & Jesse’s housewarming party. Their place is nice and it was great to talk to some of their family and friends that we don’t see too often. Jesse grilled. Naturally I took some pictures. After dinner we left the party and Angela and I took Logan to the park for a hike. It was late and consequently it got really dark by the time we found the car again.

Sunday was a different story. Angela and I rounded up Chris, Keith, Charles Jesse and Lorry and drove down to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Eight or nine years ago we grew tired of the same old Summerfest routine and hit upon the ren faire as a wonderful alternative. Angela and I even dress up.

There are quite a few pictures of the weekend’s activities in the Shot Recently album. But they won’t be there for long so look now!



August 10, 2003

Registering a new domain name through $8.95

Learning to configure name-based virtual hosts in Apache: 1 hour

Look on your thirteen-year-old daughters face when you hand over the keys to her new web site: priceless

That’s it, folks. The verdict is officially in. I am the coolest dad on the face of the earth.

A while back Paige asked me if she could have her own web site. I told her to go to blogger, get a blog and keep it updated. Then maybe I’d think about setting her up. I mean who wants to do all that work only to find the kid has lost interest on day 3?

But that’s not what happened. Paige got a blog and kept it updated. Clearly it was time for the Next Level.

So I bought Paige her own domain. Then I learned how to set up apache to do virtual hosting. (This allows me to host both her domain and my own on the same server.) Then I configured her a blog using the awesome movable type publishing system.

And so without further ado…