Can I get a Starbucks?

January 30, 2005

I do not live in Milwaukee. I live in Waukesha, a city of 65,000 people. I like it here quite a bit but I do have a few questions. Let’s start with this one. If I live in a city of 65,000 affluent suburbanites why can’t I get a fucking Starbucks or something here? Seriously, I’m pretty out of luck when it comes to getting a decent cup of coffee on my way to work in the morning. Espresso? Forget it. Not happening. According to The Onion new Starbucks are opening in the rest rooms of existing Starbucks. But here? Nary a one to be seen.

Listen, I’m not even aiming that high, okay? Starbucks isn’t exactly the Mecca of my coffee drinking experience. I much prefer going to Alterra. But at least Starbucks is passable. They know how to make an espresso better than I do at home and that alone makes them an improvement to stopping at the Kwik Trip convenience store for a travel mug full of something which, in spite of being labled “Kona,” is barely coffee at all.

Okay, I’ll admit two things to you. First, there is a Starbucks with a Waukesha address. But it’s so far on the other side of town that it’s practically in the next one over (Brookfield). Totally unacceptable. Second, there are at least two cafes in downtown Waukesha, one of which is within walking distance of my house. But they aren’t on my way to work and I can’t seem to understand their hours. I think they’re closed like 23 hours a day. And Sundays, too. Clearly they’re of no help.

Can I not get a decent espresso drink on my way out of town in the morning? At an establishment that’s actually open once in a while? Do you realize how much of a killing you’d make selling lattes and cappuccinos to me and my fellow suburbanites if you situated yourself between our homes and the expressway? I myself would spend $10 a week, easy.

PS. I know there’s supposed to be an apostrophe in “Starbucks.” But there isn’t one. Take it up with them, not me. And while you’re complaining about that please tell them that there’s this cool place called Waukesha, Wisconsin where they can come and make some money.


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  1. There is a great coffee place at Meadowbrook Plaza (intersection of hwy 18 and Meadowbrook), on the opposite side of Waukesha, that sells Alterra Coffee, lattes, etc. It is owned by two twins and is called “Brewers Two”. Good coffee, good service.

  2. I know that place! It’s great! I’ve been there on occasion when I and my son are getting haircuts at the place two doors down. It doesn’t really fit my need in this context, however, because it’s in the exact opposite direction of my commute 😦

  3. I know bagels are not real healthy, but I have had the same gripe about them for years… where can you get a good bagel somewhere in Waukesha on that commute..
    Sure, there is one on Sunset.. again wrong side of town for me (and Scott)..
    Anyway.. you can’t mix a good coffee shop with a good bagel shop, but side by side?? The Silvernail or cty j somewhere near the airport is just dieing for one..
    Yep a killing could be made..

  4. Yeah Big Apple Bagels is great. The coffee is substandard but the bagels are great. But, yeah, it’s on the wrong side of town. I sometimes stop there anyway, though.

  5. Well, you’re from Wisconsin, so you should be used to the all-out apostrophe error in LANDS’ END!!!

  6. Oh, my Gawd. My heart bleeds for you. I hit Starbucks daily, and living in Milwaukee, I have about six within five minutes of my house. I don’t know what I would do without my daily hit of frappuccino.

    Hope you get one soon, and no, Brookfield isn’t nearly close enough when you are Jonesin.

  7. I do miss Satans… er… Starbucks, whenever I visit the family up in NY. The closest shop up there is in Rochester, a city of 100,000. Even then, I only know of one shop.

    I think Stabucks just avoided the the whole apostrophe argument. Quiznos had a fake apostrophe (read: foot mark) for a while… but in their last rebranding, completely dumped it.

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  10. Waukesha is Deprived of many things other towns in lesser locations have acquired, Red Lobster, a good supper club, comedy club, actual entertainment, has everyone died here??

  11. I’ve started a local Waukesha free Yahoo! group to track the coffee joints in the area. Check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coffeejoints/ . I have WiFi-or-not listings as well as their open hours posted. – Dan

  12. Neat!

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