Hallelujah, the Mac is back

January 31, 2005

In recent years, the home computer has increasingly become a digital entertainment center; people use it for the Web, they use it for e-mail, and they use it for photos, movies and music.

The Mac is not just good at these few tasks: It’s the best there is. There’s simply no arguing that Apple’s built-in software and operating system make for the single most powerful photo, music and movie system you can buy.

But the things that the Mac is good at make up just one part of the story. There’s a flip side — the increasingly obvious failings of PCs running Microsoft Windows. – Salon.com Technology | Hallelujah, the Mac is back


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  1. If the Mac Mini does lead to an explosion of Mac love, spyware and viruses will hit Mac’s just as hard as PC’s. The only reason the Mac’s aren’t pounded now is becasue of the lack of market share.

    The article highlights this point:

    “According to experts, though, it isn’t the Mac’s better structure that accounts for why so few pieces of malware and spyware are aimed at the operating system — it’s the size of its user base. If miscreants really put their heads to it, they could probably come up with many dangerous attacks against the Mac — but who would want to? Faced with the choice of disrupting 95 percent of the computer users in the world or just 3 percent, which would you choose? The choice is especially obvious for the purveyors of spyware, who, remember, depend on high numbers of infected machines to make money. If you want to make a killing in the spyware business, you’re not going to get far by attacking the Mac.”

  2. You’re preaching to the choir here, brother! 🙂

  3. The only reason the Mac’s aren’t pounded now is becasue of the lack of market share.

    You and the authors of the article are flatly mistaken on this point, Eric. It’s one of those misunderstandings that just refuse to die. Every time one tech pundit is set straight, another one steps up to make the statement again. And it’s just plain wrong. The radical difference between the amount of malicious software on Windows as opposed to the amount found on the Macintosh is not mainly due to issues of marketshare – it is due to issues of design. Specifically, it is due to the mind-numbingly poor choices that Microsoft continually makes with their product development. I have written about this before as have tons of other people. See the recent blog entry here where I cribbed an entire letter to Salon about Microsoft’s influence on the problem of spam email.

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