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Places To Go

March 31, 2005

Crickie brought it up. Here’s some places I’d like to go.

  • South Korea. To visit and train at Kukkiwon.
  • Ireland. Because I’m part Irish and because the place seems beautiful and charming beyond belief.
  • Scotland. Because I’m part Scottish and because the place seems beautiful and charming beyond belief.
  • Japan. To eat at a plastic-draped gypsy noodle stall in Shinjuku – with William Gibson if possible.

Pretty short list. Maybe I just like where I am.


Phone blogging

March 30, 2005

I’m blogging with my cell phone. Because i can.


Mac Rennaissance, OS X and Spurned Strippers

March 30, 2005

Mac OS X boxI’ve been waiting at least five years to read this story. The renaissance of the Macintosh has arrived. It will likely never become the dominant player in terms of marketshare, but I’m not even sure I’d want it to. The real point is that the Mac OS is back. It’s officially cool again and all the alpha geeks are using it. I’ve been waiting to see this headline on slashdot ever since I got my sweaty mitts on the developer release of OS X way back in September of 2000.

I remember it vividly. My colleague at work had just received the CDs in the mail and promised to hook me up ASAP (all perfectly legal, folks, I was an ADC member at the time). The next time I was to see him was at our mutual friend and colleague’s bachelor party. I made him promise to bring the CDs.

We went out for dinner. Afterwards I made as if to duck out of the evening’s more salacious festivities but my friend with the CDs had a different idea: he wouldn’t give them to me until after we’d been to a strip club. I was genuinely irritated, but what could I do? I would have to suffer through the highly suggestive dances of several naked young women in order to get what I really wanted: Mac OS X.

Nubile young women doing pelvic thrusts are okay, but compared to the thrill of a BSD Unix command line? Come on! Three hot coeds standing on the bar and shaking their g-stringed behinds is one thing, but did you see the Aqua interface on this baby? I’ve seen screenshots and I hear all of the 2D stuff is actually done in pdf! See the transparencies? Unbelievable. After an agonizing eternity of having strange women rub up against me asking for cash, I finally made it back to my car, CDs in hand. It was late when I got home but I installed it immediately on my black Batman-esque G3 Powerbook.

Mac OS X was nothing but a promise back then. It was hardly finished and barely usable, but as a proof of concept it was amazing. All the underlying technologies were incredible and I was hooked bad. It wasn’t until the release of OS X 10.1 that any Mac operating system with the “X” moniker was ready for primetime, but I’ll never forget that first peek. I began daily use of OS X as of the first public beta release and haven’t looked back since. I knew in my heart that this was nerd paradise and I waited for the rest of nerd-dom to acknowledge it. And now it has. The super geeks are all using Macs again.

I hear the 10.4 “Tiger” release is only weeks away. Count me in.


This Blog Sucks

March 29, 2005

The irony. Just when I read a gushing endorsement of blogs and blogging by the recently blogged, I myself am going through an opposite state: I hate my own blog.

I look at what I’ve recently written – political jabs and “link posts” with little valuable commentary on my part – and despair. I used to be good at this. I really need to get out of this funk and write something. Anything. Something personal. Something funny. Something insightful that isn’t just a clever new way to insult George W. Bush.

Perhaps part of the problem is that there has been a lot going on that isn’t appropriate to blog about. Things that are either too personal or that involve other people’s private lives too deeply. That being the case, I’ve been left to recycle outrageous news headlines and gasp-worthy quotes. I don’t mind doing that on occasion, but it’s been too much. I’ve officially bored myself.

So here’s a few interesting things I’d like to briefly mention.

  1. I have a goal. It’s to run 20 miles in a week. This may be the week. We’ll see how my knees feel.
  2. I have another goal. I want to test for black belt candidate “b” rank on April 15th. If I test and pass it will mean I can test for my official 1st dan black belt as soon as mid-July.
  3. Caribou Coffee did finally open. I have been there many times and the coffee is great. I even have a Caribou cash card.
  4. The weather has warmed significantly and I’m delighted. I’ve taken to wearing sunglasses. I’ll probably get full-on spring fever next weekend when we spring ahead for daylight savings.

A Tale Of Two Patients

March 27, 2005

Both stricken patients were severely brain-damaged. Both were incapable of surviving without medical assistance. Both were said to have expressed a desire to be spared from being kept alive by artificial means. And neither of them had a living will. – LA Times

Who are these mysterious people? One of them is Terri Schiavo. The other was House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s father. DeLay apparently had no problem letting dear old dad go, so why is letting Terri go “barbarism” and “murder”? The answer is simple: he’s a hypocritical, opportunistic ghoul.


Congress Jumps Shark

March 25, 2005

Has the 109th United States Congress finally jumped the shark? I’m hardpressed to see how things could get more cynical and surreal. But then, each time I say that I get surprised by some new low. Is this the end? Will things begin to get better now? People do seem to be understanding reality on the Terri Schiavo issue and also on the Social Security issue. Maybe this will mark the turn of the tide.


Leftist Totalitarian Dictator Professors

March 25, 2005

In Florida apparently students who feel their views are not being respected in their college class can sue the professor.

“Some professors say, ‘Evolution is a fact. I don’t want to hear about Intelligent Design (a creationist theory), and if you don’t like it, there’s the door,’” Baxley said, citing one example when he thought a student should sue. – Florida state Rep. Dennis Baxley, Republican [more…]