Pat Robertson: At It Again

August 24, 2005

Perhaps you’ve heard that my favorite religious nut Pat Robertson, is at it again. This time he got on TV and called for the assassination of the president of Venezuela.

But wait! He says he was misinterpreted and that the Associated Press does this to him all the time, the poor guy. So what did he really say? You be the judge. Was he, as he claims, “misinterpreted”?

“If he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.” – CNN

I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t remind my readers that this is the same man who just days after 9/11 opined that we deserved what we got. And that in 2003 suggested that someone should blow up the United States State Department with a “very small nuke.”

There’s a point at which a person legitimately becomes a bona fide kook. When do you think Pat crossed that line?


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  1. 1970, since you asked. :/

  2. I have to agree with Bruce.

  3. This day in history….someone agreed with me…and it is actually in a database!

  4. Sadly the station I work for gets paid to air that douche bag from 11am – 12noon M-F.


  5. It’s the great hypocrisy that people like him believe in that saddens me to associate with him as a christian. Granted I’m Catholic and we haven’t had a lot of room to talk but at least we haven’t promoted violence throughout the world. Violence never brings peace and it’s sad when people somehow are led to believe that it will.

  6. Pat Robertson is a right-wing nutball, and that is coming from a fellow right-wing nutball. I believe it was Ford how made it illegal to assasinate a foriegn leader. Chavez is a loose cannon, but to call for his demise? Not a Christian thing to do.

  7. Robertson seems to be insane now…I just don’t like the coverage that he is a leading right wing strategist or that he is influential in the bush administration

  8. Two staunch conservatives agreeing with me that Robertson is nuts. I’ll match your magnanimity by refraining from any further gloating.

  9. Yes, it was Gerald Rudolph Ford who signed the executive order making it illegal to assinate foreign leaders…however, an XO is not enough, because any later president can modify the XO simply by writing except in the case…. This is why, as a libertarian, I think that EVERY XO should be removed from the books and the system made illegal. XO’s basically allow any president to create a law on a whim, and any later president to say “well, yes, except in this case…” — like, say…Iran/Contra (and I was, and remain, a huge Ronald Reagan supporter).

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