Four Years Ago

September 11, 2005

In a strange way, Sept. 11 — despite all the instantaneous proclamations that things would never be the same — represented a final moment of innocence.
– Joe Conason writing for Salon

This grim anniversary is the natural day for us to collectively grieve for the thousands of American lives lost in the tragic and horrifying events of 9/11/2001, yet I find myself unable to do so easily. I feel almost as if all proclamations of grief and rage have been co-opted by warmongers and by those who seized their chance to steer our great country towards totalitarianism and ruin. It is as if giving full-voiced expression to my horror and anger strengthens their cause, and so I must remain more silent than my heart would otherwise dictate.

I feel cheated by this. Will Americans of like-mind only find healing when our country has returned to a saner course? When will that happen? I hope we do not wait too long. We cannot afford to wait too long.


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