Tough Guy at the Dentist

September 12, 2005

So now that I have two wisdom teeth pulled, I should make plans to have the two impacted ones yanked, too. Angela said I should make arrangements to get driven home after such a procedure. No problem, I say. I’ll have it done on a Friday afternoon, get driven home and have the weekend to recover. She says it’d better be a long weekend. I say nah, I’m tough. Remember when I got my vasectomy? I went to class that same afternoon! Tough!

Only I wasn’t feeling so tough earlier today. They pulled my teeth on Wednesday afternoon and I spent the next 48 hours spitting copious amounts of blood. It did slow down, which was reassuring, but then there was swelling. By the weekend my ears had closed up, my throat was sore and my sinuses were blocked. It felt like I was catching a cold or maybe had the beginnings of strep throat. Then it hit me: “it’s infected!”

I started taking some random antibiotics that my wife had lying around, hoping it would at least get me through the weekend. I’d call the dentists office on Monday, I reasoned. Meanwhile I wasn’t going to get gangrene. What would they do then, cut off my head?

I called them today and they got me in at 3 p.m.. I explained the problem. There was blood for days, I told them. That’s normal, they said. Was there pain? No, not a lot, I admitted, but now I feel like there’s an infection! Oh, really, they said. They seemed skeptical.

So the dentist examines my mouth and says it looks like it’s healing up just fine. He gives me a syringe-full of mouth rinse “to help it heal.” He was clearly humoring me.

As I slunk out I stopped to see my friend, Mary, the dental office manager. How’s it going? She asked. I sat down and confessed all: I’m a dental wimp.


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  1. OK, let’s get this down on “paper” for the last time: You should NEVER have any extra antibiotics lying around. Anyone who is given a prescription for antibiotics MUST take them all. Failure to complete a round of antibiotics is what is causing the “superbug” problem — bacteria that are resistant to ALL antibiotics and therefore can’t be stopped. It’s a huge problem and it’s getting worse (let me know if you need a link to some scary news reports). You must also stop using all antibacterial soaps and wipes and other products. They are all evil.

    All that being said, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time with your teeth! Try ibuprofen?

  2. What if someone invented antibacterial bactiria?
    Fight fire with fire?
    Don’t feel so damn smart now?
    DO YOU?

  3. I am Scott’s wife and your making some assumptions about why I have a prescription for antiboitics. Since it is my personal medical condition, I don’t feel like sharing it here. I just thought I let you, your assumption that I did not complete a course of antibiotics is wrong. I understand your concern but you don’t know all the facts.

    Thanks for your concerns about Scott anyway.

  4. I just knew someone was going to pick up on that. Misunderstanding.

  5. Just be glad they weren’t dry sockets.

    Though, I think I might have assumed infection, too.

    Sorry you are a dental wimp. 🙂

  6. Angela, I’m commenting not so much on why you have antibiotics lying around — clearly I guessed wrong that they were left over from an unfinished bottle — but more on the fact that Scott took just a few and without a doctor’s prescription. That kind of behavior is really, really dangerous to all of us.

  7. Although there’s not as much harm done, maybe, if I take the full multiple-day course of pills.

    Yes, I know I shouldn’t have done it. Consider me appropriately chastised. The dentist already lectured me.

  8. Something about the dentist is fun to me. Maybe I’m weird but I actually really like going. But I also get creeped by some of the tools. So all is not fun…..

  9. I just got this mental image of Steve Martin in the 80s version of Little Shop of Horrors.

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