DL Is A Hit

September 15, 2005

The first ever Drinking Liberally get-together in Milwaukee was a hit. Over 20 people showed up! Check out the pictures.


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  1. Jenna and I had a great time last night. Just what we needed to get away from the house and mingle. We met some interesting folks and can’t wait to do it again!

  2. Wow! That looks like fun. Were there any other bloggers?

  3. Yes, there were several:

    http://www.badgerblues.org/ – Ben
    http://milwaukee.blogspot.com/ – Scott
    http://charlesgray.net/ – Charles
    http://folkbum.blogspot.com/ – Jay
    http://jennasimsgray.com/blog/ – Jenna
    http://www.wisconsinite.net/dairyconspiracy/ – Stacie
    http://wit.com/dyskeptic – Jason

    and possibly others!

  4. I would have enjoyed the get-together, I’m sure, but I wasn’t there. There might be another Ben running around with a blog, but he’s not me.

    It doesn’t look like Drinking Liberally has made it to Madison yet.

  5. Thanks for posting the pics, Scott. The Ben you refer to is Benny B from BenPAC.

  6. I knew I’d get some stuff wrong! And I know I left one or two people out. Imagine what’ll happen when I try to identify everyone in those pictures, as I’m being asked to do. Can anyone help? 🙂

  7. In this photo:

    Guy in white and purple striped shirt: Me – Public Brewery

    Woman in pink striped shirt and glasses: Barb – The Well Being

    Guy in red shirt: Ken – Heraldblog

  8. Arg, your comment got moderated because you had too many links in it. But here it is now. Thanks for the help, Paul!

  9. I am definitely a LIBERAL DRINKER! I don’t know if we have that group here in Canada but it sounds like a great excuse for going out.

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