First Day of Fall

September 17, 2005

When is the first day of fall? The almanac will tell you that in the Western hemisphere it’s September 21st or the autumnal equinox, but I’m not a by-the-book kind of guy. I think each of us should decide these things for him- or herself. Maybe for you the first day of fall is the day you wake up cold in the morning because you didn’t have enough covers; maybe it’s the day when you wear a jacket as a comfort rather than as a mere accessory, but to me the first day of fall is the day I make my first apple pie. That’s no random day, mind you: it is the day of the Retzer Nature Center’s annual Apple Harvest Festival and that day was today. (Pictures in shot recently.)

Donyell points out that this evening is the Harvest Moon, but I submit here my own circular sign of fall.

first apple pie of the season


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  1. Beautiful! What kind of apples did you use?

  2. Thanks! This time I used Jonathan but I’ve had good luck with Winesap, too.

  3. Karen beat me to it, but I was going to say, what a beautiful pie! Crisco, butter or combo in the crust?

  4. Thanks, but this is where I confess: the crust is store-bought. I know how to make my own but the refrigerated crusts in the store are at least B-grade and they’re like $2! Traditionalists may scoff, but the proof is in the pudding. Pie, I mean.

  5. And the recipe I use can be found here:


  6. You cheater! 😉

  7. No pie for you!

  8. Oh, man! That’s what I get for being a smartass, eh? I will make my own pie, so there.

  9. Looks awesome. May need to get me some apples!

  10. mmmmm….love pie. a couple of years ago, I was telling my partner that I used to make homemade pies, back in the day, and he didn’t believe me, so I made one for his birthday… I even made homemade crust… these days I have no time for baking. (which is probably a good thing, given my current wish to lose weight)

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