Magic Mirror, Map Stats

October 1, 2005

“I see Nancy and Billy and Susan and Ricky and Jennifer and all of you boys and girls out there!”

Remember Romper Room? It was a kids TV show. I watched it when I was very small, before I was old enough for school. The only thing I remember about it was at the end of the show the teacher would hold up a “magic” mirror (without glass but with trippy 60s-style kaleidoscope special effects) and pretend to see the kids watching the show at home. Each day she would call out different names and I imagine all the children held their breath waiting to see if their name would be called that day. I guess I did, too.

I don’t remember the show too fondly, but I was reminded of it when I started playing with MapStats (props to crickie for turning me on to it). It’s a free web site statistics service that allows you to see, with the help of Google’s map services, a graphical map of who is visiting your site, when, and for what.

Someone in Bullhead AZ was searching Google for “how to write panda in kanji” and for some reason Google gave her (can you imagine it was a him?) my site as a return. The poor dear is running Windows 98 and has a screen resolution of only 800×600. I doubt if my May 2004 archive page helped her any. Map Stats also tells me that I have a regular reader in Sandy, Utah. Mr. or Ms. Sandy isn’t surfing in from Google, they’re hitting my index page directly, as if they have it bookmarked. Who are they? Who knows. Map Stats tells me that someone in the unfortunately named town of Hitler, Germany found my web site when looking for Liv Tyler. (I think I discussed her here once only to dismiss her in favor of Miranda Otto.)

The romper room lady couldn’t really see Billy or Susan – but I can see you. Thanks for coming.

(Another odd thing about the stats here: my average visits-per-day jumped from 600 to 760 last month. I think maybe it’s the Drinking Liberally crowd. Either that or I got about 25% more interesting last month. It could happen!)


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