My Postsecondary Bona Fides

October 6, 2005

I have a new part-time job, kind of. I say kind of because they have to vet me through an orientation first. And even then they will take me on provisionally for the first two months.

All that said, I am now a faculty candidate at Axia College of Western International University. Axia is an associates degree granting part of WIU. WIU itself is run by the Apollo Group, the same folks who bring us the University of Phoenix and their online learning programs. To some, taking classes and earning degrees online may seem strange, but it must be remembered that these organizations are fully accredited and, by all reports, very rigorous academically.

So why am I doing this? There is one easy answer: I need the money! But an additional reason is that it’s good for my career. As I try to position myself as an expert in the area of online learning, it clearly behooves me to actually do some online teaching. It heps to have a master’s in education, a few years of faculty development teaching experience, and intimate knowledge of the web and web-based learning environments, but some point I have to actually earn my postsecondary bona fides, if you will.

A more fundamental answer is that I love teaching, and though I have been loath to get certified to teach below the college level due to the lack of respect teachers often get, that sad state of affairs hasn’t entirely dissuaded me from teaching altogether.

Plus it will give me a terrific insider view of how the heavy-hitters of online education do this thing.

Before you ask, I don’t know exactly what I’ll be teaching yet. They have a lot of information regarding my areas of expertise and my academic background, so I have some ideas about what they are considering me for. But I won’t say until it’s decided.

Here’s a final thought. Just yesterday at cnn.com I read that “postsecondary teacher” is among the hottest jobs right now.


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  1. Congrats!!!! I believe you will do well.. you have what it takes I think..

  2. Congratulations!

  3. YES!! Congradulations!

  4. Hey, that sounds like it could turn into a great gig — good for you! Be sure to let us know the details.

  5. Sounds like fun.

    I know you already have a Masters degree, but if you want to help further your career in online teaching even more, you may want to look into a Masters Degree in Instrcutional Design and Technology (i.e. online learning).

    There seem to be a lot of Masters and Ph.D. programs popping up in this area and it will not doubt be a hot career in the future.

    I am enrolled in a Master’s program now at Cal State Fullerton and it has been very educational. Check it out if your interested,
    http://msidt.fullerton.edu/default.asp. Best part is it is 100% online, no going to class and I can do my homework at work!

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