A Few Movies

October 7, 2005

I’ve seen a few movies lately:

Million Dollar Baby. I really liked it. It takes a grim turn and ends up being about something different than what it started to be about, but it was a good movie. The boxing scenes were great.

Crash. Good writing, nice acting, interesting ideas. One problem: I didn’t feel good about any of the characters by the end. Call me a romantic, but I like to have a hero to believe in when the credits roll. Definitely worth a rental, though.

Corpse Bride. It’s what you think it is: Tim Burton doing his Nightmare Before Christmas thing. Not that that’s bad, mind you. It’s good. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it fully, I don’t know.

Primer. This little gem won some award at Sundance in 2004. It’s science fiction, but don’t let that scare you off it: it’s a drama about ideas. I agree with others who’ve written that it shares a characteristic with Donnie Darko: it ends up being very hard to follow, but that ends up being part of what’s good about it. You’ll want to see it more than once. I know I do.

In other movie news, I’m excited about Harry Potter but I’m even more excited about Wallace & Gromit!


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  1. We saw Corpse Bride a few weeks ago when it came out… we loved it. Actually I liked it much more than Nightmare before Christmas. We also saw Serenity recently and LOVED it. (if you like sci-fi, action, comedy, thrills and drama all in one)… I saw Flight Plan with my mom last night and we actually really liked it. I didn’t like some of the actors but Jodi Foster was great and the story was well done with a satisfying ending.

  2. Million Dollar Baby is great… I cried watching it.

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