Cellular Net Access

October 13, 2005

What would you do If you wanted to be able to access email and the web without being tethered to either a wired LAN or a WiFi hotspot? Myself, I am considering either a cellular modem for my laptop (either with or without broadband speed) or a handheld device like a BlackBerry or Palm Treo.

Does anyone have experience or insight into this issue in general or these products in particular?


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  1. I have a Treo from Verizon and I love it. Only problem I have is that Verizon doesn’t offer a cable kit to allow me to use it as my ISP for my Mac.


  2. dunno, but I would so be willing to a big ass antenna in the back of my truck of it would make me wired everywhere.

  3. My mom swears by her Blackberry. She carries it everywhere and adores it.

  4. I’m so addicted to my blackberry its not even funny. Its awesome to be able to google something at ANY time, even when I’m in an airport or somewhere else that charges for wifi. It seems like a little much sometimes (do I REALLY need access to my email in the movie theater or in the car?) but then I remember I’m a geek and realize that no, I don’t need it, but its still freakin sweet.

  5. Cingular’s the way to go…reason being verizon only has their high speed data services in certain areas, and some of their co-operative companies, like alltel, are just now getting it up and running (cdma 1x) Ev-do, which is out on verizon now, is only in the major cities, and it’s speeds are comparable, if not marginally faster than cingular’s, but still it’s only in the big cities. Cingular really has the only high speed data network that’s really nationwide, as we went over much of the middle and northeastern us for a trip this summer, and I didn’t have high speed data for like two towers in rural west virginia. Oh! And it’s called EDGE data by the way. With a class 10 edge device (the latest ones), you can get theoretically like 235kbps down and 130something up I believe, but it really runs at more like 190 and 90 at best, so you usually get anywhere from 10-22kbps steady downloads, which is still a lot faster than regular ol’ dial-up. I’m fairly sure that all of cingular’s pc cards are class 10, and will run you about 60 a month for unlimited usage. If you just need to check your e-mail every once in a while, you might consider just getting a class 10 edge phone (there aren’t too many yet), I have the nokia 6230, it’s class 10, and it’s how I access the net with their EDGE service. It’s bluetooth capable, so with my bluetooth laptop I can just hop on wirelessly going down the road (provided someone else is driving:-)) The motorola v-551 is class 7 I believe, and I think the newer sony s710 might be class 10, but I’m not for sure. Also, if you use a phone instead of the pc card plan, the same service will cost you only 20 a month for “unlimited” data. It’s the same service, but since you will be primarily using it with your phone and not a pc, you should use less data, so they charge less, provided that you just use it when you need it, and you don’t download a large unnecessary amount of data. Cingular reps won’t actually help you connect the phone to your laptop, but you can find the settings elsewhere. Anyway, that’s all I have, but it’s been working great and it comes in really handy sometimes!!! May God bless you & your pursuits of Him and for Him!!! -Bradley

  6. Wow. You all really come through for me when I ask stuff! 🙂

  7. I have an i850 from Nextel…I use it to check my gmail and other email accounts and view different wap sites. It’s pretty nice.

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