In The Shop

October 19, 2005

My venerable 95 Pathfinder is in the shop. It happened pretty suddenly. A few days ago I was pulling out of the driveway saying “is the car making a tiny clunking sound?” Then on Monday night while driving down a county highway the steering wheel suddenly began shaking so violently that I pulled over thinking I had a flat. The tires were fine so I gingerly crept back onto the road and proceeded without incident.

At that point I knew I had a repair on my hands, but I figured maybe I could drive it until the end of the week and have it looked at on Saturday. On the way to work this morning, however, the violent shaking thing happened again and I had to pull over to the breakdown lane with my hazards on. I was eventually able to proceed in to work, but it wasn’t the best way to start out my day. Even then I figured maybe I would drive it to work tomorrow, drop it off at the garage that evening, and get a ride to work on Friday, giving them the rest of the weekend to repair it. But on my way home from work this evening the shaking thing happened twice. I drove it directly to the mechanic. I am getting a ride to work tomorrow morning.

It feels like a wheel is going to come off. Like a mechanical problem in the joint that connects the wheel to the axle. That’s about the extent to which I understand these things, I’m afraid. Please keep your fingers crossed for a cheap, cheap repair, friends. That’s about all I can handle right now. In either case, I should find out tomorrow morning.


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  1. I’m curious…
    CV Joint or Bearing or Anti Lock Brakes issue?

  2. Broken tie rod, I think, is what the guy was describing to me. Parts, labor and alignment are running me about $220 plus tax. Shitty but doable. I’ll pick it up this evening after work.

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