Wanted: Tom DeLay

October 19, 2005

Former house majority leader Tom “The Hammer” DeLay (R-Texas) has a warrant out for his arrest. He is now officially wanted in Texas on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to violate state election laws. What exactly did The Hammer do? He formed a political action committee which took in corporate donations, which were then sent to the national Republican party offices, who sent it back to individual Republicans running for office in Texas. What’s the problem with that? In Texas it’s illegal for corporate money to be used to elect state officials. Sending that money round-the-block-to-get-next-door in order to circumvent the law is called “money laundering.”

Furthermore, the whole thing had a big impact. Those well- and corporate-funded Republican hopefuls won their elections in 2002. They then used their new majority to redrdaw gerrymander Texas district lines in such a way as to send several new Republicans to the US house of representatives. Nice, huh?

Though it usually happens the other way around, this time I hope they nail the hammer.


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  1. Does Tom DeLay drive a Ford Bronco?

  2. And if so, is it white?

  3. If the under the table evelope does not fit…

  4. he’s been ‘apprehended’.

  5. Who was driving? Rove? Brownie…
    Oh no it HAD to be Scooter, it was Scooter right?

  6. That’s why I love my school and the city it resides in. We’re smack dab in the liberalist region in the great state of Texas. We hate that guy more here than the 104 degree weather.

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