October 22, 2005

Someone taps on the window of your car with a gun, motioning for you to get out. What do you do?

If you’re this badass in Bluffton, SC, you bash him with the car door, scald him with your coffee, dodge the bullet he fires at you, wrestle him to the ground and take his gun.

What I don’t like about this story: if some guy waves a gun in my face and wants my car I’m just going to give it to him, martial arts training or not. My car isn’t worth getting shot over. Unless I think the guy is about to shoot me I’m going to let him take what he wants.

What I like about the story: not only does the driver get the badass of the year award for taking down an armed attacker, he did it with incredible resourcefulness. Hot coffee in the face has got to hurt! I also really like that he didn’t blow the guy away after taking his gun.


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  1. Link no workie.

  2. Link fixed!

  3. “My car isn’t worth getting shot over”…Scott, you had foresight when you penned these words the other day. You psychic? Sorry for the loss of your car. If you need a bicycle to get to the store, stop by. I have one that you could use. 🙂

  4. You think that was psychic? How about the meme entry I made the day before the accdident:

    Three Things That Scare You
    – Car accidents

  5. What would have topped off that story would’ve been the addition of the “Three Stooges two finger eye poke” move. That would’ve been awesome. But honestly scalding hot coffee is nothing short of brilliance.

  6. […] Remember the guy who broke free of his bonds and got the better of multiple armed robbers? Remember the guy who thwarted a would-be carjacker with nothing but a cup of coffee? Ladies and gentlemen, we have another entry into the self-defense badass hall of fame. […]

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