Drinking Liberally Tomorrow Night

October 25, 2005

dick cheneyThose goddamned liberals are at it again! They’ll be at Club Garibaldi in Bay View for their Drinking Liberally get-together, tomorrow night at 7p.m. Scooter says they do this every other Wednesday at the same location. What are they up to??


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  1. They’ll probably be talking about which type of SUV you should buy to replace the uber-efficient, older Pathfinder.

    I’d go with a used Mitsubishi Sport.
    Not the over-curvacious Limited model.

  2. “Dick Cheney does not dance!”

    (Imagine a three-year-old saying that. Yeah.) 😀

  3. How’s this for a halloween costume Scott?…being dressed up in a nice expensive suit. Do the comb-over hairstyle. Wear some prison numbers on my chest. Telling everyone I’m “Republican Leadership”.

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