NEW New (used) Car

November 1, 2005

And when the odds are against him
And there’s dangerous work to do
You bet your life Speed Racer
Will see it through

saturn sc1 front

saturn sc1 dash

saturn sc1 back

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  1. Great colour! Congrats. (:

  2. Thanks!

    Incidentally, it’s a 1998 (68k miles) Saturn SC1 with a 5-speed manual transmission and a sunroof. Even at a very modest 100 horsepower it’s the sportiest car I’ve ever owned. Definitely more fun than the Pathfinder. Also: 27 city 37 highway 🙂

  3. Very nice. Have fun!

  4. Welcome to the Saturn family Scott! I love my Vue and the mileage isn’t bad either, about 24-30 on the highway depending which way the wind is blowing. Congrats. Hope you like it!

  5. Hey, Scott…I am a bit confused. I didn’t read your entry about the “service engine” light until after I saw your colorful entry about your exciting new car. Is this a different new/old/used car or the same one you spoke of when ranting? I now fear that I may have congratulated you when I should have sent a sympathy card. Sounds like your life is raining cowchips from the sky just as mine has lately! Luck should be turning soon!

  6. He, he.. You have the same car that Emalee and I drive… Mine is a red 97 SC1 w/ the 5speed and 97K on it and Em’s is a black 99 SC1 w/ an automatic & like 65K on it.

    Here’s a pic of my car. I don’t have one of Emalee’s, unfortunately.

    Oh.. And as Jennifer said.. Welcome to the Saturn family! You’ll love the SC1.. I get between 200 & 300 miles on a tank of gas in mine. Of course, I’m out in the country.

    One note about the 5speeds… I’ve noticed the transmissions are a bit tempremental… Every so often mine will grind a gear even though I’ve got my foot down on the clutch. I’ve been told by several car guys (one is a certified mechanic) that it’s mostly because the gears are having problems syncing since th car is old. Of course, that could just be my car too!


  7. Cool car, Adam! And Jennifer: I returned the Saturn with the engine light to the dealer where I bought it. THIS one is a different one from a different dealer. The other one was a four door automatic and it was dark blue. Otherwise, similar vintage.

  8. Go, Speed Racer, Gooooo!



    Kompressor genehmigt nicht…

  10. Vroooooom!

  11. Hey Scott, nice lookin set of wheels ya got there. Have fun with those.

  12. Hey, Scott, I forgot the other day to tell you of a website for Saturn owners (perhaps you are on to this one already) at http://www.saturnalia.com where you can get lots of techie questions answered amongst other “pimping” dialogue and picture posting. A majority of the people posting there are actual Saturn techs.

  13. No, it’s got a Hami! But it feels pretty good even so because it’s a light car with a manual transmission.

  14. […] 98 Saturn SC1 is making me sad. It’s still got a relatively sound engine and there are no safety issues or […]

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