The Web Is Not Slow TV: A Chat With the Ad Club

November 2, 2005

not slow tv

I got asked to give a short talk about blogs and podcasts by the Ad(vertising) Club at Marquette. Because they taped it, now you too can thrill to my thought-provoking remarks and brilliant something-or-other! (Note: most of the good ideas I stole from other really smart people. So thanks!)


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  1. Hey, Scott..great presentation! BTW, what sort of program did you use to present with? Was that straight-up Powerpoint? I have never seen the Wheel-Of-Fortune style of slide transition. Which one is that? My luck, it’s probably a Mac program.

  2. Thanks! And yes, it’s Mac-only presentation software called Keynote. I really like it.

  3. Great stuff. Jackson even gives a paws up!

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