November 6, 2005

My self-induced period of asceticism is apparently over. I haven’t slept in a proper bed in…coming up on four months, I guess, but Dennis hooked me up with a real queen-sized bed today which I will sleep in tonight. On top of that, I hadn’t eaten a bite of meat in three months, but tonight I had bourbon chicken, pot roast, breaded shrimp, steak with mushrooms, baked salmon and liver and onions. (So I went a bit overboard. Gonna make something of it?)

I have made no firm decision about eating meat. I do not know if I will go back to vegetarianism for a while, or if I will eat meat as I used to, or if I will simply eat it occasionally. We’ll see what I feel like doing.

The bed I’m keeping though.


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  1. No way you really ate all that meat in one day! I call your bluff.

  2. I didn’t say I ate them in one day. I ate them at one meal! I had small portions of some of them, but yes, I ate them all. We went to a buffet for my son’s birthday.

  3. Ewww….Liver!!!

  4. OK, I take back my doubtfulness. How was your stomach afterwards?

  5. My stomach survived it, thanks 🙂

  6. decadence!

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