Soundtrack This

November 11, 2005

Me, after work, merging into traffic on I-94 going West. Traffic is good and I’m zipping along in the Saturn Mach 5. I open the sunroof just for the hell of it and then reach for the iPod.

Switchblade 327
Lit cigarette in his hand
Steel-toed boots on the accelerator
Oil leakin’ outta the pan

Switchblade, three two-barrels
Gettin’ there as fast as he can
All juiced up like a hot carburetor
Spittin’ gas onto the fan

Blacktop burnout, Saturday night
Try to catch him if you can

Bad Scott. I usually drive like your grandmother but with this stuff I may be in trouble.

But if my iPod’s ability to soundtrack my life can be used for Evil, it can also be used for Good. When I got home I grabbed some spandex, a t-shirt, a do-rag and my velcro armband. When I hit the pavement I hit play…

in just a minute now
i am leaving
who will come?
throw the desk out the window
put on my rocket shoes
burn my tie
kick the door down
and break through the window

I figured I’d do a modest two miles and be good to my knee, but with stuff like that in my ears I did a bit more than that.


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  1. Cool; I’ve been thinking of taking this up. What kind of shoes do you have for this?

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