Sponsored Links?

November 12, 2005

I got an email today from someone representing a martial arts equipment store. He suggested that instead of linking to the things I like at amazon that I might link those items at his own store. He even said he might be willing to hook me up with one of those items in exchange for the links.

You know what I like about this idea? First of all, the guy isn’t spamming my blog. He’s asking for the links to be placed here. Hallelujah, amen and pass the samurai swords! Someone running a commercial operation on the web who is honest! The other thing I like is the fact that I can just be up front about our agreement (should we actually strike one). He sends me a nice gift, I link to the items at his store that I really like. I figure as long as I disclose the nature of our deal there’s no danger of anyone misinterpreting anything.

We’ll see what he says. I’ve had misgivings about commercially-oriented links here in the past, but I think I might just go with this one.

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