Flickr For No Reason

November 16, 2005

If all your friends use flickr does that mean you have to do it, too?

Well, yeah.


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  1. Oh, how easily he caves to the peer pressure! I’m still holding out.

  2. You don’t have to, but it’s certainly much more fun that way.:-)

  3. I have a flickr account. Have since 2003. I don’t use it for a damn thing though, because Gallery is so much better.

  4. But there is the issue of tagging, which is pretty neat. Still, I know what you mean. That is the reason I’ve never gotten into it before – I have gallery.

  5. Added you on my flicker contact list. *sits and waits for you to do the same* (J/k… Actually… Have to head to work)


  6. Added!

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