Flickr Phone

November 19, 2005

Newest cool thing about Flickr: I can send stuff to it directly from my phone. At $0.25 a picture this could get expensive. Maybe I should get one of those $5.00 plans where I get unlimited photo sending to other Verizon users and (more importantly) 50 pictures sent to everyone else including Flickr.

Next question: should I do a Flickr badge on the index page here? Maybe next to the links to my local gallery pages?


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  1. How does one do this?


  2. What, send camera pictures to Flickr? My camera can send and receive txt messages/email. I simply set up a new email address in my phone’s contact list and gave it the Flickr Upload by email address that they generated for me. I take a picture with the phone, send it to the Flickr email address, bing, bang, boom, I have camera phones in my Flickr stream.

  3. Good, I’m glad you figured out that you could email pictures to your Flickr account from your phone (assuming it has email service, which as you note here it does have). It’s a great way to transfer photos quickly. Now if only my camera phone took better quality pictures!

    Regarding the Flickr Badge: Of course you should have one! But I’m becoming a Flickr addict so perhaps it’s not so good to listen to me on this point.

    If you want to get really fancy – I haven’t yet – you can even put different types of Flickr badges on your blog. That is, you could have one with most recent photos, but then you could have one with pictures on a certain topic (by tag that is). I considered implementing this when I post on a particular topic that may have associated photos. Maybe I will at some point.

  4. I settled for this arrangement: doing away with all the album links on the index page in favor of a new WordPress page called “photos.” On that page I have links to a few of the Gallery albums but I also have a flickr stream badge.

  5. Flickr is one of the greatest online services ever created. I’m bummed they were bought out by Yahoo but I’m glad they didn’t make me try to link that account to a Yahoo I.D. since I’ve had the account for so long. I wish google had snatched them up…

  6. I agree Jay-B. I’m even toying with the idea of going Pro and doing away with my Gallery installation. We’ll see.

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