November 19, 2005

Am I the only person who travels with an open laptop on the passenger seat? I don’t have one of those fancy navigation systems installed in my car. If I’m going someplace that I don’t know how to get to I look up the address at google maps before leaving the house. Most folks would print the resulting directions and map and take it with them, but not me. I don’t have a printer. I end up riding with the laptop open on the passenger seat.

Come on. You’ve done it. Admit it.


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  1. I don’t have a laptop.

  2. But if you had one you’d totally do this. I know it!

  3. No laptop…I broke it. But I would do it…in a heartbeat.

  4. Guilty… I’ve done it…

    Was trying to get to a LAN party out in ‘tosa but had no clue what the address of the building was or where it was (despite driving past Hwy 100 and Bluemound a gazillion times)… Um.. Turns out that the building is new and didn’t exist when I was up in Milwaukee @ MU. I think there used to be businesses or something where this new apartment building is.

    Anyway… Since I couldn’t find it I had the e-mail with the directions and phone numbers pulled up on Thunderbird.


  5. My buddy Kent is working as a trucker, and he has his PowerBook G3 Lombard in his rig with him primarily as an MP3 server. He’s got it plugged in to the truck’s AC, so he doesn’t have to worry about battery life.

    Believe it or not I”ve never run with an open laptop that I can recall. Fiddled with the iPod, sure. Bad idea in rush hour! But I write down or print out directions. It’s way easier, and a lot less dangerous/stupid.

  6. actually I have never thought of that… silly me, writing down directions!!

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