Up, Down, Bitchslapped, Discovery, Epiphany

November 20, 2005

I’m a terrible DJ, but I worked to make it ebb and flow so that you get up, then down, then bitchslapped then discovery then epiphany, then up then down and all over again.

– Michael Stipe

Making a good mix CD is probably more like growing tomatoes than a procedural, step-by-step operation. It’s an organic process that can end up good or bad seemingly independent of your having done everything right.

My recent efforts at making mixes have been pretty sketchy. There was that one shining moment when a colleague from work came back to me and said “THAT CD ROCKED! THANKS!” Other than that, however, I’ve gotten lukewarm responses at best.

My poker buddy, Dennis, commented to me recently that he didn’t listen to any music produced within the last 20 years, that he just wasn’t aware of what new music was out there. Me to the rescue. I made him a mix of newer stuff in a wide variety of styles, all of which I really liked. Surely at least one or two tracks would catch his ear and I could then direct him to the artists entire discography for more. But when I asked him if he found anything he liked on it he simply said “uh, not really.”

I try. But then I’m pretty picky myself. With one or two notable exceptions, there are very few instances of people recommending music to me that I end up really liking a lot.

I would be remiss not to link you to at least one of the two iMixes I have published on iTunes. It’s a little dated, but it has a good story behind it.


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