Thanks Again, Dear Reader

November 25, 2005

American blogs spilleth over with gratitude at this time of year so let me join in the fun. I am grateful for you, dear reader. Yes, you.

No matter how much traffic this site gets I will never get over the fact that even one person likes to read this stuff. Some of you come here because you know me and you enjoy reading about what I’ve been up to. But many of you arrive here looking for something in a search engine such as google or yahoo. I hope you find what you are looking for. Sometimes I wonder, though. Here, fresh from my Apache log file, are a few of the more interesting searches that lead folks here:

  • “Nymph”
  • “Gyros”
  • “Neil Patrick Harris” (So what are you trying to say?)
  • “He took a duck to the face at two hundred and fifty knots” (self explanatory)
  • “Doing Her” (??)
  • “Random Person” (It’s hard not to be insulted by that, come on.)
  • “Doogie Howser” (Shut up already!)
  • “Smaug Tattoo”
  • “Hot Dad” (My personal fav.)

So whatever brought you here in the first place I am glad you came and I hope you come back again. Thanks for coming.


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