Mr. Miyagi is Gone

November 25, 2005

“Make good fight, win respect.” – Mr. Miyagi

Everyone remembers that, I think. In The Karate Kid when Daniel-san (Ralph Macchio) complains that competing in the martial arts tournament won’t solve his problems with the bullies he’s up against because he isn’t as good as them and can’t win. His mentor, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) says it doesn’t matter if you lose. You just have to “make good fight.” Then they will respect you.

I know it’s hokey Hollywood orientalism at its worst and that Mr. Morita was much more than his role as Miyagi. But I’ll always remember it anyway. Silly, I know. In any case, he’s gone. You can read about it at CNN.


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  1. Raising my beer to Mr. Morita….


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