Dogs Heal

November 27, 2005

I love dogs. I love stories about how great they are. Here’s one of them.



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  1. Is that your dog? He looks a helluva lot like my dog, Cyrus….

  2. That’s Logan. See more here!

  3. It’s not the best picture of him, but here is a picture of Cyrus. I’m not sure what Logan is – we’ve always had a sneaking suspicioun that Cyrus is at least partly flatcoat retriever, or, as the pound told us, part golden retriever, part “something really black”.

    They at least have the same face – Cyrus has black markings on his tongue though – for a long time we thought he had eaten a black pen.

  4. He does look like a flatcoat. Logan is newfoundland and collie. He’s got that collie nose and a white star on his chest.

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