Mother of Meetro

November 27, 2005

Follow me on this one. I was having a gigle at a South-Park-esque portrait of Eszter Hargittai, when I noticed the caption. It said someone from “meetro.com” gave it to her. So I went there. I didn’t find anyone to make a SP portrait of me, but I did find a neat new application: meetro.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your IM-style chat application allowed you to see who was nearby geographically? That’s the general idea behind Meetro, if I understand it correctly. It’s like IM and social networking software combined.

Anyway, I hopped on to meetro and looked for anyone in this immediate area. Nothing. Anyone within 5 miles? Nope. I guess this thing is just starting up. I did see some folks in the Chicago area. I ended up chatting a bit with a woman named Mariola. We’re chatting away for a while and she then informs me that she happens to be the mother of one of the clever young people who created meetro. I’m chatting with the mother of meetro. Go figure!

I told her there was nobody in my area on meetro yet. She said that none of her friends were on meetro yet. I said I’d do my part to spread the word by putting it on my blog. She thought that was a cool idea.

So check out meetro!

(Perhaps one day soon they’ll make a version for OS X! Here’s hoping.)


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