You’re welcome!

November 30, 2005

You’re welcome!

Originally uploaded by scottfeldstein.

I got this nice thank you note from the ad club. It wasn’t my finest moment of public speaking, but it did the job. You can even check it out here if you’re so inclined.



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  1. Cool.. how do you get invited to do such things?

  2. Hell if I know!

  3. Someone that works in marketing or advertising must have heard you speak before and recommended you. That’s how you get invited to such things.

    Santa just purchased two iPods for my kids…then my Father saw them and said, “hey, i want oooone!!” So Santa had go back online and do it again! šŸ™‚

  4. Even I want a new iPod… and I already have one!

    Truth be told, the reason I think the reason I got asked to give that talk is because their faculty advisor recommended me when the members were curious about blogs and podcasts. It’s nice to have friends. šŸ™‚

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