This Is Your Brain On Drugs

December 1, 2005

Ha! You thought I was kidding when I said I got through my undergraduate degree by knocking back a double espresso before exams. I focused like a laser beam on those tests! And now medical science vindicates me.

Horray for coffee! 🙂

Speaking of drugs and the brain, there was also that strange day in cognitive psychology class when during a discussion of state-dependent learning I asked if someone who regularly studied while intoxicated would be wise to also show up for the exam in a similar condition. I choose to believe that Dr. Parsons was amused on the inside where it really counted.


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  1. So, uhm, like what’s the answer? I think that’s a mighty fine question!

  2. According to the principle of state-dependent learning the answer would be “yes,” but I wouldn’t try it myself. At least not with anything stronger than a grande redeye from Starbucks.

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