Friday iPod Random 10: Skip Track Edition

December 2, 2005
  1. Morning Has Broken – The Chieftains (w. Diana Krall and Art Garfunkel)
    (Truth be told, I skip this sucker every time it comes up.)
  2. Ships In The Night – Brazilian Girls
    (Good album, but this one’s another skip!)
  3. Bornin Vid Tjornina – Bjork & The Gudmundar Ingolfsonnar Trio
    (Oh, the harmonica! SKIP!)
  4. Psychobabble – Frou Frou
    (Fantastic record, but can’t listen to this song. Skip!)
  5. Lazy Lover – Brazilian Girls
    Lazy lover, Casanova, you roll over when I want more (Pretty self-explanatory, I guess.)
  6. Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson
    (Our foreign exchange student bought the 2-disk Essential Michael Jackson and I ripped it for the sake of greats like I Want You Back, but this? Skip.
  7. Cold, Cold Water – Mirah
    I saddled up my pony right, and rode into the ghostly night, it was wide, wide open
  8. Summer Rain – Smokey & Miho
    (That’s Smokey Hormel and Miho Hatori. Great stuff if you like Brazilian jazz. Or even if you don’t.
  9. Have You Got It In You? – Imogen Heap
    Bow down, floor’s yours, last man standing, can we just get it over with?
  10. Ice Cream – Sarah McLachlan
    It’s a long way down to the place where we started from

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