Idoru Gorillaz

December 2, 2005

Nina sent me an email suggesting that in my quest for new music I might try some Gorillaz, informing me of an interesting factoid about the group: they are cartoons.

This prompted me to wonder how they are like and unlike William Gibson’s Idoru. A quick googling of “gorillaz idoru” reveals that I am not the only person who has wondered about this.

Update: Miho Hatori is involved in this project! I like it ten times more now.


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  1. some of the buzz bands you have to hear:
    — clap your hands say yeah
    — wolf parade

    just discovered this souful/bluesy/indy band called The Teenage Prayers from nyc. (you can check them at myspace.com)

    ok. some unrequested suggestions.


  2. Ahh, Gorillaz! I’ve got Gorillaz’s new one but haven’t listened to it much. Damon Albarn, the lead singer of Blur, is one of the group’s founders. He also had a prominent presence in the protest of the Iraq war at the English Parliament in 2003.

    (That last sentence was way too hard to construct.)

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