Separated At Birth

December 7, 2005

Earl Warren (as in US Supreme Court Justice), Helen Clark (prime minister of New Zealand) Winona Ryder, Joschka Fisher (German politician), Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. What do these famous people have in common? According to www.myheritage.com they all resemble me. So says their beta face recognition software. I gave it the picture of me below and it gave me those people in response. Do you think it did a good job?

I wonder if this is the calibre of software that is being used to spot terrorists in crowds. If so, I’m scared. Anyway, give it a try. Who does it say you look like?


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  1. Damn, I always thought you looked familiar…now I see it! Winona in Beetlejuice! WOW! I coulda had a V8!

    BTW, if I were you I would sue over some of those 😉

  2. Interestingly, the face recognition software didn’t put forth any of the look-alike candidates I mentioned two years ago.

  3. i’ve always loved natalie portman. and have been feeling better about that now that she is 20 or something. but now i feel all sorts of icky. thanks scott.

  4. The guy on the bottom right comes up as looking like you but not James Woods. OK.

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