January Fast

December 9, 2005

I’m still relatively new to my martial arts school, J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy, having transferred from another school a few months ago. J. K. Lee’s a fantastic school and I like it a lot. The atmosphere is vibrant, the discipline is high and the classes are rigorous. It is a huge and daunting challenge, however, to get myself up to speed. Most of the curriculum is different and, truth be told, I’m terribly out of shape compared to the condition I was in a year or two ago. To get myself through this slump I’m renewing my commitment to my training and to fitness in general. One interesting opportunity to do this presented itself at the end of class on Monday night.

It was announced that the annual 48-hour fast was coming up in late January. The instructor encouraged everyone to attend. If I heard right, the fasting seminar works like this. First you eliminate sugar and caffeine for several days prior. Then on Friday you eat a very light breakfast and then nothing else throughout your day. Friday night you assemble with the other participants in the dojang. Various activities take place such as a Hapkido seminar with a visiting master, perhaps yoga, perhaps deep breathing exercises and who knows what else. You drink tea and water and you eat nothing. Everyone wears only their uniform and everyone sleeps on the floor of the training area. The seminar concludes on Sunday with a shared meal of soup. Then you go home to food, showers and your own bed.

So tonight I signed up. On my way out, however, I thought of something important and promptly turned around and went back in. I could do without food, caffeine, my own bed and just about anything else you could name, I explained – at least for 48 hours. But the one question I needed answered was: does the place have Wi-Fi?

Sure I want to have access for work-related reasons, but another geeky thought occurs to me: maybe I could blog the event.


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  1. You have an iSight right? ’cause if you do you could stream the event!


  2. Fun idea! Although I’m not sure how much there would be to look at – most of the time a bunch of people sitting around in uniforms meditating and looking hungry, maybe. No, I’ll be lucky if I can a) get connected so I can write a bit at least once a day and b) dare I dream I could snap a picture or two? I’d be happy with that!

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