There Is No Puking In Taekwondo!

December 14, 2005

I had a great workout yesterday at J. K. Lee. I nearly puked!

The grandmaster himself taught class and he announced that we would be focusing on “special streches.” This turned out to be partner-assisted stretches and what I can only describe as chiropractic techniques. We paired up and he showed us the first stretch. After we’d done it to our partner and our partner back to us, he showed the next one. At one point I had a guy planting a foot on my tailbone and puling my arms up behind me, lifting my chest clear off the ground. (“Higher, sir?” Yes, sir! “Higher?” Yes, sir! “HIGHER?” NO, SIR!) Some techniques were obviously desinged to achieve greater flexibility in the hip or hamstring, others seemed to be stretching out our back muscles. All of them were impressive both in their cleverness and thier difficulty. I kept thinking to myself that I’d really be feeling sore the next day, but the truth is I feel fine! Grandmaster Lee knows his business.

The problem came during one of the final techniques, in which I laid on my back and my partner stood over my head and pulled me up by my arms and “shook” me by alternately pulling each arm up and down rapidly. The reciever was instructed to “relax.” I relaxed and I it was fine, but I got kind of dizzy from it. I probably would have been okay if I’d have sat down for a few minutes to recover, but you know me. The lower belt students are looking at the black belts to gague how hard they need to try and I like to set as good an example as possible, so I spent the next 15 minutes doing a gruelling drill that involved a seemingly-endless series of pushups, situps, and jumping and spinning kicks. That was the almost puking part.

Anyway, you know you’ve had a good workout when you almost puked. That’s my new motto.


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  1. To bad that does’nt work in all situations where you have almost puked.

  2. Thankfully I usually maintain a more comfortable distance from involuntary regurgitation.

  3. Yeah that would make it hard to sit through the more recent Star Wars movies and it would be no fun to watch them with you I would bet.

    Wear a slicker people. Hip waders too.

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