Five Things You Didn’t Know

December 18, 2005

Lisa no doubt thinks I forgot, but here are the five things you didn’t know about me!

  1. I like my cappuccino wet not dry.
  2. I had to repeat 8th grade.
  3. If you really get me laughing I bear an alarming resemblance to a certain H. R. Giger-inspired movie alien.
  4. I often over-tip.
  5. Bad traffic doesn’t really bother me, but people who pass on the right do.

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  1. Well, Get Out of the Left Lane…(J/K) I am most comfortable with me behind the wheel. There are not that many people that I can feel really relaxed with as a passenger. I hate people that ride on your ass, and those that seem to think that just because they have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, they can drive like an idiot in the snow.

  2. Alien….LOL!! I don’t agree with that assessment but if you insist…lol.

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