December 21, 2005

A blog without the facility to comment is like a laptop without WiFi; the addition of that small thing makes the original item a ton cooler.


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  1. Haha, that’s hilarious. I’ve been having so much trouble with my wireless here at home and it’s driving me nuts. I really took that old timey wired interweb for granted. This newfangled cordless stuff is giving me a headache. Maybe it’s just my router…

  2. I got the 3 jars of Salsa yesterday. As promised, I’m here reporting back to say that its very tasty indeed.

  3. Glad you approve! It’s certainly the best store-bought salsa I’ve tried. Although I prefer it room-temperature and it doesn’t keep any too well. Which basically means I like to eat the whole jar at first opening. 🙂

    The only salsa I prefer over this one is the homemade recipe Karen turned me on to, chipotle peppers and all.

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