Suspending the Fourth Amendment Only Worries Evil-doers!

December 29, 2005

In a discussion about president Bush’s warrantless spying, a Bush apologist actually demanded to know how any of this affects us law abiding citizens.

Feldstein, I am waiting to hear… what, specifically, is happening to me or anyone else who has no ties to FOREIGN terrorist, that is destroying my civil rights.

How does it affect you to have the president violate the law and probably the fourth amendment of the Constitution? I don’t know. How would it “affect” any of us if we were to do away with the darned thing altogether? Would it take a dollar from my pocket? Interfere with my commute to work? Stop me from watching my favorite reality TV show? Your question demonstrates a shocking lack of understanding of the role of the Constitution in American life and an alarming failure of imagination with regard to how different things might be without the freedoms it guarantees us. You appear to be one of those people who are willing – no, eager – to give up your freedom and disregard the Constitution just because someone says we are at war or in danger or have an enemy. There is always an enemy, sir. It doesn’t frighten me that there are people like Mr. Bush who think it is their duty to seize more power than is good for us; people like that have always existed. What really keeps me up at night is how many of my fellow Americans are like yourself: perfectly willing to cheer him on as he does it.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union seems to think we’ve seen this kind of thing before.


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  1. I’m getting more than slightly peeved about all this. Now the NSA is being accused of using cookies that are banned by federal regulations. Yeah, they might not be spying on me, but what the hell is the point of all of these protections of our liberties if the government and its arms aren’t following them?

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