Nikon D50

December 30, 2005

With some help I finally made a decision on the camera thing: a Nikon D50 6.1-megapixel digital SLR. The one I ordered is bundled with a 28-80mm zoom lens and a 512 megabyte SD storage card (for maybe 140 pictures). Joy! Now the pressure is on to take some great pictures.

my nikon d50


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  1. Yahooo! 🙂 I can’t wait to compare Nikon to Canon. I have the feeling this will begin a long debate for us.

  2. You challenging me to a duel? dSLRs at 20 paces?

  3. Mmyyessss…. Of course, it would have to be the same subject in the same light with the same settings. Not sure how we’d pull that off being 1000’s of miles away.

  4. Nah, the competition won’t be camera vs. camera, it’ll be photographer vs. photographer! (I’m perfectly prepared to lose to your hummingbird pictures, as I inevitably must, but it’ll still be fun.)

  5. We should totally have other people vote. You Logan pictures might beat out the hummers.

  6. Oooh… I want one! I still have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P30 1.3 Megapixel camera I bought in 2000. Of course, it cost like $400 back then and really, it still takes decent pictures.


  7. ooooh. i want one. but i’m too ‘po.

    is it fun to play with?

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