Slight Change

January 9, 2006

If you cast your eyes upward and to your left you’ll see that there’s been a slight change in appearance here. I’m not sure the change is permanent, but the photo got so much attention I figured we’ll at least see how it goes. Until further notice, I hope you enjoy my creepy-ax-murdering-nazi-but-hot countenance.

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  1. Although I dig your new Nikon and the pic there’s something missing without the old pic. Maybe I’m full of shit. Now I feel like big brother (Scott) is watching me while I read…

  2. I like the new pic. I wonder if this breaks down along gender (or sexual orientation) lines.

  3. Actually, now that I put it up there I don’t like it so much. I feel like the Eye of Sauron is upon me as I view the site. Maybe I’ll put it back the way it was and put the picture on one of the other pages: about me or 100 things.

  4. I prefer the old photo — it said “thoughtful but with a sense of humor” to me.

  5. Women want him, men fear him. It does seem to be gender based.

  6. Okay, enough. I’ve put things back the way they were. I did put the camera picture on the about me page, though.

  7. Off topic: now that you have a Nikon, do you have extra CF cards you don’t need/will sell? I need some extras, and it’s always cooler to ask freinds before you head to Ebay. 🙂

  8. I think I have only a 512, but that one is staying with the G2 (which does still work more or less). I used to have a 32 meg card, but I think I gave that to my nephew. I’ll check.

  9. While on the topic, you convinced me to go pick up a D50. I needed a good slr for work and this one has delivered and then some…Thanks Scott!

  10. Rock on man. I saw some of your pics in Flickr. I know I’m loving my own D50!

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