Feldstein Get Rich Scheme #782

January 15, 2006

cup holder muffinCar cup-holder muffin mix. Wait! You haven’t even heard the whole idea yet. Really. This is good. Not like the jellybean pizza thing. This is way better than that. This time I really got it.

Picture it. Summer. You’re parking your car at the shopping mall or the grocery store or the movie theater. You’re getting ready to lock up. You know that upon your return the interior of the car will be approximately equivalent to the inside of an oven. So why not make good use of it? You reach for your package of Cup-Holder Muffin Mix (TM), empty it into your car’s cup-holders, add some water from that bottle of Evian you’ve been nursing, stir, and lock up. When you return from your shopping labors, a tasty snack awaits you.

I’ll be a billionaire!


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  1. I’ll have what he’s smoking.

  2. I don’t know if you will be a billionaire but you will be fed.
    If you can work out the muffin mix formula.
    And maybe you can aim some parabolic mirrors at the muffin mix.
    You can also link the mirrors up to one of those astronomy programs to keep the light beams pointed at said muffins.
    We are gonna be billionaires. Whoo Hoooo!

  3. Actually, the Jelly Bean pizza thing worked out great…created an offshore company that direct markets the things…just not in THIS country (j/k).

    Hmmmm, I really don’t know about this one…I mean, after you’ve used your Evian water to make the muffins, what are you supposed to wash them down with? This will probably have to be coupled with a humidity reclamation system within the cabin of the vehicle….

  4. Oh….one more thing!

    Who would use Evian if they live close enough to get Chippewa Falls? :/

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