Drinking Liberally On Channel 4 News Tomorrow Night!

January 16, 2006

Remember when I said WTMJ channel 4 was going to do a story on the Milwaukee chapter of Drinking Liberally? Well they did. They came. They filmed. They interviewed Stacie and Jason. And now it’s going to be on television. Like tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17th, on the channel 4 WTMJ ten o’clock news.

I don’t have television but I’m hoping someone can tape it for me. I don’t have a VHS player, either, but I can digitize it at work and make a DVD out of it. I’ll even post the video here on the blog. (Providing WTMJ doesn’t sue me for it.)

UPDATE: Apparently we are meeting at Club Garibaldi (2501 S. Superior St.) tomorrow night to celebrate. Join us! Details shortly.

UPDATE on the UPDATE: We are getting together at Club Garibaldi tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 p.m. to watch ourselves on the news. After that we go back to our regular schedule: 7p.m.-to-whenever on the second and fourth Wednesday’s of the month. Please come celebrate with us tomorrow night!


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  1. I could DVR it for you if you want. I don’t know how to transfer it from there.

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