Drinking Liberally News Clip

January 18, 2006

In case you missed yesterday’s channel 4 WTMJ News special report on the Milwaukee Chapter of Drinking Liberally, here’s the clip for you to download (6.2 MB, Quicktime required, here’s an alternate link).

(And here’s the the transcript.)

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  1. Now THAT’S hard-hitting journalism! Just kidding — I wish I had something like that. Well, I mean, there is a DL here, but I’m not involved. It’d be a bit overwhelming to just walk in on a CAMBRIDGE chapter of DL, dontcha think?

  2. You should go and do a little recon!

  3. Glad to see you made a cameo!

  4. Nice bit. I missed it on the news.

  5. […] Drinking Liberally gets its fair share of press (as seen in the media round-up in the right column of our frontpage), but a television segment deserves special attention…particularly when that coverage is in one of America’s own beer capitals. […]

  6. Playing catch-up… That’s a cool clip.. By the way.. I know Mick.. He’s a MU alum and I worked with him @ MUTV.


  7. About Mick Treavey. He seemed very nice and professional. And I desperately wanted to call him Mike Teevee, but I refrained.

  8. […] Stacie, Jason and myself thank you from the very bottom of our bleeding liberal hearts for making our last get-togehter such an incredible success. There were more of you there than ever before. For those of you who couldn’t make it there’s good news: WTMJ channel 4 did a feature on us, and even if you missed it you can still watch it by clicking either here or here! […]

  9. […] As seen on TV… (and no, we will not get tired of saying that!) […]

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