Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

January 18, 2006

This is what we’ll get in Wisconsin if we pass the ban on gay marriage and gay civil unions. Seem good to you? Me neither.

“They took the estate away from me,” said Beaumont […] “Everything that had Earl’s name on it, they took. They took it all and didn’t bat an eye.”

Every state has common-law marriage rules that protect heterosexual couples. If someone dies without a will, or with a faulty one, his or her live-in partner is treated as the rightful inheritor.

But only seven states currently give gay couples protections — such as inheritance rights and health benefits — through marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.


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  1. ahh, family values. so wonderful, eh?

  2. It’s sad that it seems like there are more divorced widows or widowers that are able to inherit the belongings than those same sex individuals who are actually still in a real relationship. I love the “values” this country holds for “every man”.

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